Welcome to A Sensual You!

ASY is Philadelphia's First Pole Dance and Fitness Spa. We teach the everyday woman to feel good about herself, to feel more confident, and let nothing stop her! With over fifteen years of practical pole dance experience, ASY teaches the everyday woman to feel more sensual and confident about herself using the outlet of pole dancing and sensual body movement.  ASY is Philadelphia's first pole dance & fitness studio, and trainer to many of the city's finest pole instructors.

ASY is home of Philadelphia's only Master Pole Instructor. We technically train so that you understand pole dance movements in layman terms. Many clients can and will perform moves the first time around, regardless of age, size, or shape. Many will get stronger, learn self control, and love herself even more! We take pride in our work, in teaching, and love all of our clients. The atmosphere is very friendly, and supportive. This is something you must try once. ASY has been featured on local radio, CBS 3 local news, ABC 6 local news, BET,  and Philadelphia Magazine.

Why Pole Dance?

Pole Dancing is one of the best arm, abs, leg, and cardiovascular workouts you can get, creating flexibility and strength.  Very similar to Yoga and Pilates using the same principles.   We cater to each individual's fitness level and body type. Our goal is to create a sensual and safe environment for women to let go of their inhibitions. There are no rules, and absolutely no nudity! We operate in a completely supportive environment! ASY also offers Personal Training, Boot Camps and Workshops for a complete New You.

Benefits of Pole Dancing for Health & Fitness:

Strong Sexy Beautiful 

What to Wear

What to wear.  Please wear short shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. Wear something comfortable that you can flex in while clinging to the pole. Please do not wear any lotion or cream to pole classes. You may work barefoot or with heels, whichever you feel more comfortable in. (If you don't know how to walk in heels, we will teach you.)

Privacy.  Our goal is to create a sensual and safe environment for women to let go of their inhibitions. We encourage you to share your experience at the A Sensual You studio. We do ask that you respect the privacy of other A Sensual You students. 

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