So you heard how fun and crazy we are! Join us for an invigorating and fun workout that will change your mind & body in less than 30 days! Whether you are coming in as a walk in or become a member the moment you fall in love with the new you, we are here with you every step of the way. We have a judgment free zone where you are free to be you, while reinventing you.


Begins August 31, 2015

1p-2p Intro to Pole
4p-5p Pole Fit
5:30p-6:30p All Level Pole
6:30p-7:30p Kick, Punch, Crunch
6:45p-7:45p Zumba with Crystal Bell
7:30p-8:30p ASY Butt & Gut

1p-2p Stiletto Fit
4p-5p All Level Pole Flow
5:30p-6:30p Floorwork
6p-7p Urban Burlesque 
6:30p-7:30p Pole 1

1p-2p Intro to Pole
4p-5p Booty Blast
5:30p-6:30p All Level Pole
6:30p-7:30p Twerk It
7:30p-8:30p Kick, Punch, Crunch

1p-2p Tease
4p-5p ASY Abs
5p-6p Intro to Pole
6p-7p Cardio Crunk

9a-10p Booty Blast
11am-12p Intro to Pole
12p-1p Pulse Extreme

By appointment Only
Inquire about Personal Training and Private Pole Lessons
Scheduled Based Upon Availability

Our classes are 55 minutes long, and are
 subject to change.  Please call or text before arriving for availability.  Please arrive before 10 minutes class start time, or entry may be denied. Bring a towel, water, shorts, and heels or sneakers to class. 

Class Descriptions


Introduction to Pole-You have learned the grips & technique of Pole Fitness and are ready to apply your knowledge & skill to some sexy and fun static moves!  Beginner inverts, floorwork,, and pole spins are broken down and practiced in this class. This class is a great pole strength builder, and will tone you from head to toe!  Intro to Pole is a prerequisite to A Sensual Pole I.  Your ASY trained instructor will graduate you to that next level. $20

A Sensual Pole I-You are now "pole addicted!!  In this class you will more detailed spins, static poses, climbing, climbing to inverts, and pole dance combinations! Not only will this class boost your pole confidence,  it will strengthen and tone your entire body like a true athlete! This class is a prerequisite to A Sensual Pole Dance II, in which your ASY trained instructor will graduate you to that next level. $20

A Sensual Pole II- This is an intermediate pole fitness class for a seasoned Pole I student and the pole student who is looking to take their pole skills to the next level.  Many of the moves in this class will challenge you to gain strength and flexibility, and think beyond measure. Shoulder mounts, Scorpios, & Ayshas are a few moves you will perfect in this class, not to leave out handsprings & intermediate grip technique.

Pole Play: This class is different from our other classes because YOU. Determine. What you will learn. This is a student led class bring videos and pictures and we will play with how to get in and out of the tricks the YOU pick. We will be. Support and over see your techniques to ensure a safe experience. $20

Pole Flow- Want to learn how to move & flow to music? Learn signature pole flow by ASY. Maybe your a great pole dancer but cant tie the moves together. Learn how to move like a true life entertainer! Join us for a musicality lesson that will change your flow! Pole I is a prerequisite class.  $20

ABSolutely-Join us for an invigorating ab class where your six pack will be born! All fundamental ab exercises will be broken down followed by a syncing workout. Working all regions of the core combined with cardio will have you ready for the crops, and tanks!  Come with an open mind, and put your best foot forward. $10

Twerk Set- Join us for our innovative Twerk class where you will learn how to "pop" "clap" and twerk! You will learn in sync and in routines.  This class is a supercharged cardio workout. You will also get a crazy ab and glute workout. Wear sneakers and loose sweats or shorts. $10

TwerkWine- "Bruk It Down!! Join us for a fun supercharged cardio workout designed to tone your core, glutes, and legs. Wine your legs into shape while sweating off extra pounds! You know that feeling you get when you hear your favorite Dancehall or Twerk tune. Learn the new and old dancehall moves that will not only shape your body, but entertain! 410

ASY Butt & Gut-A student favorite. Join us for a power hour of hardcore total glute and total abs exercises designed to put everything back into place and shift heads as you walk by! Basic glute and core fundamentals are combined with upbeat tunes to enhance your workout. This class will leave you sore for days, but invigorated and a have you wanting more! $10

Zumba-Join us for an invigorating, upbeat, fun dance party with Crystal Bell! Smile, while you workout and learn Zumba dances that will sweat you down to bikini size with great abs and body to show off. A great way to start your day! $5




Inquire about our  Membership Packages! Walk ins welcome!
Strong Membership $60-Join us for 30 days and get 2 days a week of classes, AM or PM
1 class/day for one economical price!
Sexy Membership-$80 Join us for 30 Days, 4 classes a week, limited to 2 classes/day, AM or PM
ASY Membership-$100 Join us for 30 days, 6 classes a week, limited to 2 classes/day, AM & PM,  receive additional bonuses including a fitness evaluation, and 10% off Workshops & Events!
Beautiful Membership-$120 Our exclusive membership for the woman who is Strong, Sexy, & Beautiful! Join us for 30 days, 6 days a week, unlimited. Exclusive benefits like 1 complimentary consultation with our nutritionist, 20% off Workshops and Events.

Living Social and Groupon purchases should RSVP for classes as members do. 1 class daily limit, based upon availability.   Please be mindful of expiration dates and  purchase limitations.  1 per customer.

Important information:  You must register for classes you would like to attend in advance. You may do so by emailing your name and contact info to or text 484-679-6223. Only a limited number of students are accepted per class. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to get changed, relaxed, and ready to work! Do not arrive late or entry may be denied.  Classes are for students only. Class observation is not permitted. Classes are non-transferable & non-refundable.


Strong, Sexy, & Beautiful!